Saturday, January 14, 2012

Easy Landings

Buenos Aires.

When I was a 14-year old Iowa farm kid, laying out in hot summer sun, I would read stories of such places. Just the sound of such names, the strangeness of them against mid-western horizons conjured images of the world's most exotic places. Buenos Aires. The name rolled around my teeth and over my lips. I would read of such places and dream. Dream of one day walking there. Dream of one day saying "Oh, yes, Buenos Aires" with a sophisticated worldliness.

Now, today, I am IN Buenos Aires. Today the name still rolls beautifully around my teeth and over my lips. The sights of tile-roofed houses and sounds of this city's life fill me. The laughter and bustle of the people enriches me.

I'm not dreaming; but after 24 hours of travel to get here, I do need a nap. Look out, Buenos Aires, the farm kid is here! Not sophisticated or worldly, but mighty, mighty grateful.

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Julie Fanselow said...

Ah, your journey is under way! I look forward to the updates.