Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Old Wisdoms for Modern Times

Entering into the blog sphere. It is a strange place for the Back Roads Teller to be. Strange country to explore, and I gotta tell you, I have some trepidations at the moment. But hoping to get more comfortable as time goes on, and the terrain gets more familiar.

So, this new blog spot is a place to connect, share and explore. I am a performance artist in the style of a traditional storyteller. I love the small towns, the end of the road places, and open vistas. I share stories new as last week, and old as the hills I hike. I see stories as a way of sharing our human heart; knowing that we are not so different one from another. Across time and place what has moved us, troubled or inspired us has stayed much the same.

So I hope to explore ways that the old wisdoms can guide us in these challenging times. Ways for us to be comforted, strengthened, challenged and connected.

Come be a travelling companion along with me. There's a world to explore.....