Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Measure of Time

I want to live in a place
where life is measured by the world that surrounds.
Where distances are measured in days of walking.
Where time is measured by the evening flight of crows,
or by the turning of the moon, or snowfalls in a winter.

Where years are measured in the rings of fallen trees,
Where hours are measured by daylight
and sleep not measured at all.

To exist in a cylical rhythm rather than in miles per hour.

How much futher can we segment time?

from EONS
to Century
to Decade

And where
is the measure of a lifetime in that?


bronvincent said...

Love your poem. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed your storytelling at the "seacinema" two day celebration at OFS in Olympia on Saturday, June 4th. Your raven and loon story with the voices and sound effects as well as your movements made the story come alive. Thank you! It was wonderful.

emanon said...

i wanted to comment on your story telling and then i read "the measure of time". you give voice through body and words to something familiar and comforting. a something i don't know how to say - yet.

i sat in the audience listening to your raven stories and your body was flying with raven and then i thought i was too. it was the capital theater in downtown olympia on a saturday evening and yet it wasn't really.

and now with measure of time i know i used to be like prufrock measuring out time with coffee spoons but i don't anymore. thank you for reminding me.