Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hitting the Road

Wow! I have been rostered for Inquiring Minds, Humanities Washington's speakers series. I am so excited to travel out around the state, see the landscape, meet people and share the untold stories of early Chinese pioneers in the western frontier. I am really enthused about this project. The premiere of this program will be on September 9, 2010 at the Haller Lake Community Center, Seattle, with the Seattle Storytellers' Guild.

The July 'Heritage Tour of the American West', sponsored by the Wing Luke Asian Museum and the US Forest Service, certainly offered a wealth of cultural insights and firmly grounded information (yes, pun intended) into the immigration experience of early Chinese settlers; and I have been doing mountaineous amounts of reading and pondering to take in all the history and experiences. Through this I am shaping a listenable story program that will engage folks as well as inform. It is exciting to come at history from the "story" portion. There are so many "life stories" to share.

The most exciting thing for me is making the connection between immigration needs and fears in the 19th century, while the United States was in a huge developmental push to grow from coast to coast, and the needs and fears the country is experiencing in the 21st century, facing challenges and growth of a different sort. The question swirls through my thinking: "What does it mean to be American?" How do we live up to our ideals of possiblity and our responsibilities of citizenship?

I have more questions than answers, that's for sure. That is also why I find this opportunity so exciting. I look forward to travelling around Washington state to share conversations with folks.

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Unknown said...

Humanities Washington is thrilled to have Rebecca represent our organization. Rebecca's topic is important. Her presentation focuses on the often forgotten contributions of Chinese pioneers in settling the West. This is an opportunity to enlarge contemporary views with past immigrant experiences. She is a skilled speaker, incredibly knowledgeable, and she is wonderful to work with.

Please check our website, review our booking guidelines, and apply to book this and other Inquiring Mind presentations!

Liv Woodstrom
Manager of Community Programs
Humanities Washington